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SUV Video: Noida child wants SUV for Rs 700, Anand Mahindra gave interesting answer

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There are many children in the country who are very fond of cars and SUVs. A video of one such child from Noida is going viral on social media. In which the child is asking his father to buy a big SUV for just Rs 700. Anand Mahindra has also given a funny answer on the viral video.

the child said this

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a child from Noida is talking to his father. He is saying that he has to buy an SUV for just Rs 700. To which his father also replied saying that this is a very good idea. In this video of about 30 seconds, the child is telling his father that two different SUVs of the company are similar models. Which can be purchased for only Rs 700.

Anand Mahindra replied

After the child’s video went viral, when Anand Mahindra saw this video, he also posted a very interesting reply. Anand Mahindra wrote that a friend sent me a video saying that he likes Chiku. I saw some of her posts on Instagram and now I like her too. But the problem is that if we validate his claim and sell Thar for just Rs 700, we will go bankrupt very quickly.

People are also reacting

People are also reacting to this video of Noida child. Some people are saying that the child should be given an SUV at this price. So some people are saying that this child should be given an SUV at this price. There is no need to do this price for everyone. Some people are also talking about paying Rs 7 lakh for an SUV.

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