Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Supplies of imported automotive components for Lada may stop

During the Transport of Russia 2022 forum, AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov acknowledged the risks of undersupply or cessation of supplies of imported automotive components.

Now the situation is still difficult, we see the risks of undersupply, cessation of supplies of auto components that are no longer even included in the sanctions list, simply because of the refusal to work with Russian manufacturers of many global suppliers.

Maxim Sokolov

Maxim Sokolov noted that the AvtoVAZ plant is now making every effort to cope with the shortage of automotive components.

In early November, it became known about improving the situation with the shortage of componentsaggravated at AvtoVAZ in early October. Almost all incomplete Niva, which were stored on the territory of the former GM-AvtoVAZ plant, were successfully re-equipped and moved to the shipment shop.

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