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Sun ‘Tamtamaya’, 10 solar flares in a day, radio blackout on Earth, watch video

The movements in the Sun have forced scientists to keep an eye on the largest star in our solar system. Our Sun is passing through its 11-year solar cycle and is currently in a very active phase. Due to a Sunspot emerging in the Sun, about 10 solar flares came out of it on Wednesday. There was also a powerful flare of M6 category in these solar flares. This caused a brief radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean.

reports According to the Sun, when the Sun’s magnetic energy is released, the light and particles that come out of it create solar flares. Solar flares are among the most powerful explosions in our solar system, releasing energy comparable to billions of hydrogen bombs. The energetic particles present in them traveling at the speed of light are also called coronal mass ejections. Solar flares aimed at Earth reach our planet after leaving the Sun’s atmosphere in just 8 minutes.

They are divided into different categories according to their intensity. X class flares are the most powerful solar flares. After that comes the number of M class solar flares. Most of the flares reported on Wednesday were of M class. Such a large number of solar flares together have surprised even the scientists. Some scientists also told about this by tweeting.

Solar physicist, ‘Keith Strong’ tweeted that the 3 and M flares, which belong to the M6, M3 and M2 classes, all originated from AR3165. After this, he informed that a total of 10 solar flares have come out. Keith also raised the possibility of the release of the X-class solar flare. AR3165 is the only sunspot that has appeared in the Sun recently.

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Solar flares are sometimes accompanied by coronal mass ejections (CMEs). These are large clouds of solar plasma. After the solar explosion, these clouds are spread in space by the Sun’s magnetic field. Due to their rotation in space, they expand and often they reach a distance of several million miles. Sometimes it collides with the magnetic field of the planets. When their direction is towards the earth, it can cause geomagnetic disturbances. Due to these, there may be a short circuit in the satellites and the power grid may be affected. When their effect is high, they can also endanger the astronauts present in the Earth’s orbit.


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