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Sun Coronal Hole: A huge ‘hole’ in the Sun, 60 Earths will fit! Is this a matter of concern? know

Giant Sun hole: The solar activities taking place in the Sun have put scientists in tension. This month, on December 2, there was a ‘hole’ so big in the Sun that 60 Earths could fit in it. A team of scientists from all over the world is monitoring this coronal hole. Because of the hole, gusts of solar wind are coming towards our planet. According to media reports, the hole in the Sun is not a new thing, but it has drawn the attention of scientists all over the world.

Report According to , the hole in the Sun widened by about 5 lakh miles in just one day. It is focused towards the Earth, due to which there is a possibility of solar winds reaching our planet. The activities taking place in the Sun may continue till the year 2025. All this is happening because of solar maximum. This is one 11 year cycle of the Sun.

American space agency NASA has already warned that due to solar maximum, there will be more geomagnetic storms on Earth. Everything from solar flare to coronal mass ejection will affect the Earth.

However, due to the existing coronal hole, there is no major threat to the Earth at present. If a big solar storm occurs, there can definitely be some impact.

What is coronal mass ejection?

coronal mass ejection Or CMEs are large clouds of solar plasma. After a solar explosion, these clouds spread in space in the Sun’s magnetic field. Due to their rotation in space, they expand and often reach a distance of several lakhs of miles.

If they collide with our planet’s magnetic field, they can cause geomagnetic disturbances. Due to these, short circuits may occur in satellites and the power grid may be affected. If their impact is severe, they can also put astronauts in Earth’s orbit in danger.


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