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Suddenly the cylinder caught fire, such a trick worked, see viral video

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In the internet world, not only funny things go viral, here many times we also get to see such videos. Whenever such videos come out, people not only watch them but also share them extensively with each other. This is the reason why such videos go viral faster than any other. One such video is in discussion among these people. After watching this you will understand how useful experience is in life.

It is often said that knowledge is not everything in life, along with knowledge there should also be experience because where the limits of knowledge end, the journey of experience begins. This is the reason why elders have given preference to experience over knowledge in this life. Now just watch this video where people used all kinds of knowledge but could not come out of the problem. But as soon as an experienced man came the problem was solved immediately.

Watch the video here

In the video you can see that a person is carrying a gas cylinder on his bicycle. Then suddenly that gas cylinder catches fire. Now to save himself, the person first distanced himself from the cylinder. Seeing the man in trouble, four-five people also came to save him and tried to extinguish the fire by pouring water but the fire did not extinguish. After this, everyone tries hard but somehow the fire is not extinguished, but during this time such a man comes. The one who has experience in this matter extinguishes the fire immediately.

This video has been shared on X with an account named @ScienceGuys_. Till the time this news was written, more than one lakh people have seen it and are giving their feedback by commenting. One user wrote, ‘See how experience outweighs knowledge.’ While another wrote, ‘This trick of extinguishing fire is really amazing, brother.’ Apart from this, many other users have given their comments and feedback on this.


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