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Such fear from ChatGPT AI chatbot that… this city banned it for students-teachers, this is a big concern


ChatGPT is a chatbot from OpenAI
It has become very popular these days
it is capable of responding like humans

new Delhi. ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot, which was launched in the year 2021 by San Francisco based AI company OpenAI. However, this chatbot went viral recently when it was given open access to the users. This chatbot answers questions in human languages. It does not respond to any link like a search engine like Google. Rather it scrapes the data from the internet. However, this open-to-chat chatbot has been banned by the New York City Department of Education.

This US city has blocked access to ChatGPT on its network and devices. Students and teachers in New York will not be able to open this tool on school or college devices. The Board of Education is concerned that the AI ​​device will harm the education of the students.

Why is the New York City Department of Education concerned about ChatGPT?
According to a report in Chalkbeat New York, Jenna Lyle, a spokeswoman for the department, discussed the potential negative effects of ChatGPT on student learning. He also said that the department is also concerned about the safety and accuracy of the content.

He also said that on one hand ChatGPT answers questions easily and quickly. But, it does not build critical thinking and problem solving skills. Whereas, it is necessary for success in studies and life.

Drawbacks of ChatGPT
Like any recent AI language system (known as LLM or Large Language Models), ChatGPT also has some common drawbacks. As the chatbot is trained to scour data from the internet, it tends to repeat and amplify biases such as sexism and racism in its answers. Also, this tool is criticized for fabricating information and presenting it as fact. All these issues are a matter of concern for teachers. Some online platforms have also banned ChatGPT. Because they are worried that this tool will harm their site.


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