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“Such an Internet will allow you to instantly transfer the image that the satellite made over Washington to Moscow.” Russia creates laser Internet for satellites

Russian scientists are working on the creation of a satellite laser Internet, said Ivan Zavyalov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Lecturer at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

According to Zavyalov, today a large number of countries are engaged in the creation of multi-satellite systems. In order for these satellites to transmit data to each other, a connection must be established between them. In space conditions, lasers are best suited for these purposes.

Suppose there are 100-200 satellites in the system, between which you need to establish a connection. This can be done using the inter-satellite Internet, having previously installed terminals with a laser on the satellites. Such an Internet will allow you to instantly transfer, for example, an image that a satellite made over Washington to Moscow. The fact is that the satellite, which is located over America, will take a long time to fly to Moscow, respectively, we will wait for the picture for several hours. With laser communication, this problem disappears: data will be transmitted from one device to another like a web“, – explained Zavyalov.

In the future, such a system can be used to monitor various terrestrial objects, such as the Taiga or the oceans, the source said.

Before moving on to the implementation of the project, MIPT creates a digital twin of the satellite Internet system, which repeats it as accurately as possible. This is necessary for testing and searching for errors in design solutions.

On a digital model, we will work out all the conditions and modes of operation of the terminal as part of the spacecraft. Let’s see how these spacecraft will form a network, what errors may occur during operation“, – said Zavyalov.

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