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Studying on YouTube will be easy and fun, the launch of new products will bring a big change

YouTube Learning: Educational content on YouTube will now be more easily available than before, as well as studying on it will now be more fun, in fact soon the company is going to bring new products.  

YouTube Learning: Google-owned YouTube is rolling out new products that will allow people to explore the topics they want to know about. Announcement of updates to make educational content on the platform more accessible and interactive for learners, while also giving keytors the full opportunity to grow on YouTube.

In a blogpost, Jonathan Katzman, Director of Product Management, YouTube Learning, said in a blogpost, “To improve the YouTube experience in an educational environment, we are launching YouTube Player for Education. It is a new YouTube embedded player that supports ads, external links, and more. Or shows content on commonly used education apps without distractions like recommendations.” To start, YouTube said, it is partnering with established edtech companies in the US, including ePuzzle, Purdue University and Purdue Global.

YouTube Player for Education will also improve the existing YouTube embedded player in Google Classroom for an even better YouTube experience. “Next year, producers may begin offering free or paid courses to provide an intensive, structured learning experience for audiences,” the platform said.

It added, “Viewers who wish to purchase the course can watch the video without ads and have it play in the background. The courses will first reach beta in the US and South Korea and expand to more countries.” (IANS Input) 

If you also want to know about your favorite subjects with the help of YouTube, then now your favorite content will be within your reach. This is not only very easy but it is also going to be a lot of fun. In such a situation, it is not less than any big news for the learners, in which they will get a lot of convenience. 

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