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Study: Why Non-Drinking Women May Start Drinking Alcohol

For their experiment, the researchers recruited 105 women and 105 men. They had to drink alcoholic drinks in a bar that was made right in the laboratory. At the same time, the participants were exposed to various situations, including stressful ones.

Scientists have explained that some people can safely drink one or two servings of alcohol and calm down. Others, however, cannot stop. The experiment showed that stress is closely associated with impaired control over alcohol consumption.

It turned out that due to stress, all participants began to drink more. But there was a difference between men and women. Those men who drank soft drinks before stress drank less alcohol later. But women drank a lot after stress, regardless of whether they drank before: alcohol or not.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that stress can make a woman start drinking, even if she was not interested in it before.

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