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Study: 58 thousand Olympic swimming pools could be filled with the water that evaporated from the Tonga volcano eruption

A volcano erupted earlier this year in Tonga, a country located in the South Pacific Ocean. This volcano erupted under the sea, which produced large-scale pressure waves or shock waves. Due to these shock waves, people in Alaska, America, 10 thousand kilometers away, had reported noise and buoyancy in the water. Now according to information received from a NASA satellite, this most powerful volcanic eruption on our planet has evaporated so much water in the atmosphere that it is likely to temporarily warm the Earth’s surface. It is said that this explosion sent a huge pile of water in the form of vapor into the stratosphere, which is an atmosphere between 12 and 53 km from the surface of the Earth. The satellite showed that the amount of water vaporized in the stratosphere from the volcanic eruption could fill 58,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

This was detected by the Microwave Limb Sounder instrument aboard NASA’s Aura satellite. This satellite measures water vapor, ozone and other atmospheric gases. Scientists were also surprised by the readings of the water that evaporated after the volcanic eruption. They estimate that the explosion brought 146 teragrams of water into the stratosphere. One teragram is equal to one trillion grams. It is worth noting that this amount of water was equal to 10 percent of the water already present in the stratosphere.

Statistics show that this water vapor is about four times the amount of water that reached the stratosphere after the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines. Study related to this last month Geophysical Research Letters is published in.

The eruption of Tonga’s volcano is the biggest eruption in the last 140 years. The Tonga incident has been compared to the Krakatau eruption in Indonesia in 1883. More than 30 thousand people were killed in that incident. It is said that the energy released by the Tonga volcano eruption was equal to the scale of 100 Hiroshima bombs.

The noise of an underwater volcano erupting was heard up to Alaska. Due to this storm, the storm created flood situations in the coastal areas of Japan and America. Two people died in Peru. There were also reports of damage from coastal areas of New Zealand and Australia. A plume of ash and smoke was seen up to 22 km after the explosion. The debris that came out of the volcanic eruption ended up in the sea.

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