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Strong Password Tips: If you want to avoid loss while creating a password, then keep these things in mind


Stay away from commonly used passwords like ‘qwerty’ or ‘123456’.
Avoid using dictionary words as passwords.
Numbers should be used in capital letters when creating the password.

New Delhi. Digitalization is growing very fast in India. Now everything is being done through digital only. People withdraw money from the bank through digital medium while sitting at home and also book tickets. Apart from this, the use of social media sites is also increasing very fast. Nowadays everyone has an ID on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and Facebook. In such a situation, people have to keep passwords for all these sites. The special thing is that it is very difficult for many people to remember separate passwords for all these sides. In such a situation, people use the same password for all social media sites and net banking, but it is full of dangers. In such a situation, you have to be careful while creating the password. After this you can avoid any cyber hacker.

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