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Strong blow! These 3 iPhone models will be discontinued, check if your phone is not in the list


  • 3 iPhone models will be discontinued
  • Old models will be discontinued
  • Apple users will be disappointed

New Delhi. Today we are going to give you a news that can disappoint Apple users. Actually, the Apple company is its cheap iPhone SE The old models are about to be discontinued. At the same time, if we talk about iPhone 6, then this phone of this phone has been kept secure till the year 2023. They have been secured but no new security updates will be issued to them anymore.

These models will be discontinued:
Let us know that the company iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus Like turning off smartphones. The popularity of these models is quite good and millions of people still use them today. If seen, the company does not immediately discontinue the phones, it puts the previously discontinued models in the list of vintage products. So let us now also tell you what are vintage products.

What are vintage products?
Ports or phones that are limited are called vintage products. They are not given any security update or OS update. A report has also claimed that now the iPhone 6 Plus has also been included in this list. However, from this list, the iPhone 6 is secured till the year 2023.

Impact on Users:
This will have a huge impact on the users as they will not get the parts of these devices easily. Also, when the security or OS update will not be given, then the problems in the phone will also not be fixed. Let us tell you that the period of any vintage product is up to two years. After this they are called obsolete.

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