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Strange shaped spider seen stuck on the wall of the house, crowd gathered to see-VIDEO

A strange shaped spider has been seen on the wall inside a house in Jehanabad, Bihar. This spider looked so strange that even the family members lost their senses and started screaming, after which a crowd of people gathered there. The video of this spider is also going viral on social media.

This world is teeming with various types of animals, many of which we may not even know or have ever heard of. Snakes, scorpions, and spiders are common creatures found in almost every area, but among them, there are some species that look so peculiar that they instill fear in people. A video of one such spider is currently going viral on social media, and its appearance is indeed quite unusual. After seeing this spider, you might also find yourself pondering.

In fact, this spider is quite large, and its shape is very peculiar. It was clinging to the wall when someone recorded a video and shared it on social media. It is claimed that this spider was spotted inside a house in Jehanabad, Bihar, where a crowd of people gathered to see it. Everyone was taken aback by this sight. Some found it beautiful, while others found it terrifying. Some likened this peculiar spider to a human-like figure, while others compared it to a doll.


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