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Strange scratches on the glass and a cracked case. Pixel 7 Pro did not pass the tests of the blogger JerryRigEverything perfectly

Well-known blogger JerryRigEverything got to the new Google flagship to test its strength.

In this case, I decided to expand my tests a bit and test the Pixel 7 Pro for scratch resistance. More precisely, check its metal frame, which in this model at the same time goes into the camera module.

As you can see, leaving scratches on metal is quite easy, so the smartphone should be handled with care.

Also with the Pixel 7 Pro, one strange thing happened. The blogger’s clerical knife suddenly began to leave scratches on the glass, both front and back. Usually such knives do not leave scratches on the glass, since the hardness of the metal in them is below 6 on the Mohs scale. At the same time, the calibrated tools did not show deviations from the norm: the glass was not scratched by a tool with a hardness of 5 and was scratched by a tool with a hardness of 6. The author of the video suggests that this is a matter of specific instances of knives, but it is worth noting that the peculiarity manifested itself with two different knives. Unfortunately, the blogger didn’t think about testing the knives on some other smartphone right away.

As for the bending test, the smartphone did not fail it, but it did not pass perfectly either. As you can see, the case still cracked at the place where the antenna lay, although it did not burst completely.

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