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Stories appeared in the Signal messenger

In a blog run by the creators of the Signal messenger, a message appeared about a new feature that has already become available on smartphones running Android and iOS, and will soon appear in the desktop version: now you can post stories (stories) in Signal. Despite the fact that this messenger emphasizes privacy and security (uses end-to-end encryption for all chats), its developers claim that stories are one of the most common requests they receive from around the world. Posted stories – whether video, photo or text message – will automatically expire 24 hours after the user has shared them, although they can always manually delete them earlier.

Like everything in Signal, the stories are fully encrypted, the developers note. You can share your story with any Signal contacts or group chats. You can also manually hide your stories from certain people. Stories will be available only to selected contacts or groups and to no one else, including the Signal team, the creators of the messenger say. The developers also took into account the fact that not everyone wants to share stories on Signal or even watch other people’s stories: “this is normal,” they say. To stop using the function, you need to disable it in the “Settings” menu. At the same time, the user’s contacts will not know that this feature is disabled: friends who share stories will not know that they have refused to view their stories – and confidentiality is respected here. Stories posting is already available in the latest version of Signal 6.0 for Android and iOS.

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