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Storage full of WhatsApp file, empty it like this in a pinch


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WhatsApp Tips: WhatsApp messaging app is most used among people of all ages. On this, you can easily send messages, location, photos, videos, GIFs, stickers and documents at any time in a few seconds. this app with all this online The transaction is also done in a few minutes. Now when it sends a lot, it also receives a lot like photos, videos and documents etc. Due to all this, media and data storage gets piled up. Sometimes the storage also gets full in it.

Due to this the internal storage of the phone stops and the device starts working slowly. To free up storage, you have to delete photos, large videos and documents files from your phone. Sometimes, the memories which you want to save, have to be removed forcefully. But now you will not have to do this. Here we will tell some ways by which you can remove those media files from WhatsApp, which you do not need.

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Check WhatsApp media storage like this:

For this, go to Storage and Data in WhatsApp Settings. Here you can manage the storage. In this, you will also see how much memory is left in the phone and how much space is being taken by WhatsApp media.

Review and Delete Media Process:

  • Click on a file larger than 5 MB in Manage Storage or select a specific chat.
  • You can also sort the media like this, by tapping on the sort icon to newest, you can see the oldest and largest files.
  • Select individual or multi media and click on it and delete them.
  • Note that even after deleting the media from WhatsApp, it remains in the phone gallery. To remove it completely, delete it from the gallery as well.

Delete like this from WhatsApp media search steps

  • Open WhatsApp Chats tab and then tap on Search.
  • After that select the media files or photo videos which you want to delete.
  • After that tap on More or Delete.

How to set media upload limit on WhatsApp

  • First of all open WhatsApp settings.
  • Then tap on Storage and Data.
  • Set Auto, High Quality and Data Saver in the options given on Media Upload Quality.


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