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Stop on Self-Playing Videos on Facebook and Twitter, Learn How

New Delhi: While using social media, suddenly advertisements especially videos come and spoil all your fun. Most of the people who like social media spend more time on Facebook and Twitter. Keeping in view the convenience of the users, Facebook and Twitter keep updating new features.

In this episode, the Autoplay feature available for social media platforms is very beneficial for many people, while for some it is a cause of trouble. With the autoplay feature, videos are automatically played one after the other on Facebook and Twitter. This not only wastes the user’s time. Rather, mobile data is also used more.

When social media platforms update any features, they also suggest solutions to use and get rid of them. If you are also facing some similar problem with Autoplay, then you can get rid of it.

How to turn off autoplay video feature
There are different ways to turn off the autoplay video feature on Facebook and Twitter. To turn off this feature in Facebook, first open the Facebook app. Here you have to click on the Hamburg icon on the top right hand side. Now click on Settings and Privacy option. Now select Settings and scroll down to the bottom. Now go to the Preferences section and click on Media. Here you will see many options.

In the AutoPlay section, you will find three options on mobile data and Wi-Fi, On Wi-Fi Only and Never AutoPlay. Click on the Never AutoPlay option here. In this way this feature will be turned off. You can also turn off the autoplay feature on Twitter by going to Settings.

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