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Stillride SUS1 Electric Scooter with 119 km Range, Know Features

Swedish startup Stillride has created an amazingly designed electric scooter, the SUS1, which is inspired by Japanese origami. The company has developed a unique technology that uses recyclable steel to make a lightweight and durable frame for the electric scooter. This electric scooter has a top speed of 100 kmph and a full charge range of 119 km.

As we mentioned, the design of the SUS1 is inspired by Japanese origami. It is made with stainless steel folding sheet. The company claims that the design of this electric scooter is clean as well as very strong. The special thing is that most of its structure is made by robots. The top speed of the SUS1 is 100km/h and as per the company’s claim, it can run 119km on a full charge.

Gizmochina’s accordingly Stillride made its debut in 2019. The design and technology startup works on industrial origami methods, which it says reduce waste and labor costs in the production of an electric scooter’s structure and chassis, while also reducing environmental impact.

The company’s mission is to explore the possibilities of manufacturing electric mobility products using a range of advanced technologies including robotics, design and steelwork. Stillride calls its origami method Stillfold.

Reports suggest that Stillride plans to improve its technology and increase production of the SUS1 while creating structures and designs for other e-scooter models. It is working on a production process that allows steel sheets to be flat-packed and transported to other plants across Europe for folding and fitting, along with the required hub motor and battery pack. At present, no information has been given regarding its price.

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