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Starship Elon Musk is already being tested on the launch pad [PHOTO]

Pictures of the fully assembled system were published on Twitter by the head of the company, Elon Musk. They allow you to look at the structure of the “starship” more than 100 meters high on the launch pad from different angles before the first flight tests – however, they will not take place soon.


According to the businessman, the company is now testing the refueling system of the S20 launch vehicle and the spacecraft. According to online sources, SpaceX engineers tested the quick-release sleeve and fuel tanks, partially filling them with liquid nitrogen and a mixture based on liquid oxygen.

Previously, the carrier has passed a series of independent low-temperature tests on the ground, as well as several successful static fire tests. The company’s future plans include additional checks of the branded “starship” fuel system, followed by trial launches at a low altitude. The exact date of the first flight of the Starship complex is still unknown.

One of the features of the operation of the spacecraft will be the use of a special Mechazilla tower (pictured above). According to representatives of SpaceX, it will increase the number of launches compared to traditional spaceport equipment.

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