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Spam Calls: Get Rid Of Unwanted Spam Calls That Work, See Tips

New Delhi: Avoid Spam Calls: Almost every smartphone user suffers from spam calls. Many times after the call is over, you know who the call belongs to. But it also wastes time. If you are facing similar problems, there is no need to take tension. Android and iOS devices have the option to see which call is spam. Also, they are allowed to block. Google’s phone app is now the default calling app on most Android smartphones. Whether it’s a budget, mid-range or flagship smartphone, the experience of spam calls is the same. Today we are going to share some abandonment tips to reduce this call.

Open the phone app first. Then select the Three Dots at the top and open the Settings app. Then below Assistive you will see caller ID and spam option. Then turn on the toggle to see caller ID and spam ID. After that, you need to turn on the filter spam call toggle.

How to block unwanted calls?

There are many ways to identify this type of call. By the way, spam calls are made from many numbers and they are very difficult to identify. So you want to block any number. That, you can block independently. Because, calls you from numbers that are not marked as spam
Can come. There are two ways to do this. One way is to go to your new calls and tap on the number you want to block. Then tap on the Block option.

Another way is to go to the settings page.

Numbers need to be added to the block list on Android smartphones. You have to go here and select the block number. Then you have to toggle on the Unknown option. Then you have to tap on Add Number and enter the number you want to block. Your work will be done.

How to block calls on iPhone?

Blocking calls on iPhone is very easy. For this you have to go to settings app. Then go to the phone section. Now you need to turn on Silence Unknown Caller. However, this will cause you to miss some important calls. You can also use another method for this. You can turn on call blocking and identification by going to Truecaller.

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