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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket crashes for the first time in a long time: it crashed into a bridge without even rising into the air

SpaceX’s strategy is to build its engines and rockets in one place and then ship them to another for bench testing. After completion of the tests, the rockets are sent back to the place of construction or to other areas, depending on their use.
In the case of the new Falcon 9 rocket, an unexpected incident occurred. As reported by NASASpaceflight on Twitter, while being transported, the rocket crashed into a bridge on a highway in Texas. The reason was the low height of the bridge.
In a follow-up report, NASA confirmed that the rocket that hit the bridge was indeed intended for the Crew 5 mission. NASA’s previous mission, Crew 4, took to the skies in April of this year. The report also says that SpaceX and NASA are testing the rocket.
SpaceX is removing and replacing the rocket’s intermediate stages and some onboard instruments after the equipment was damaged in transit from SpaceX’s Hawthorne, California manufacturing facility to the company’s test site in Texas for testing. After the equipment replacement is completed, the launch vehicle will undergo phased testing and further evaluation before being accepted and certified for flight.
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