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Space companies showed their strength, SpaceX, Amazon won NASA’s contract worth 2120 crores

Private space companies will also play an important role in future space missions. Examples of this are now coming to the fore. Recently the world saw the first private mission going on a trip to the International Space Station, which is still there. The US space agency NASA is moving ahead by taking private space companies along in many of its future projects. In the same sequence, Amazon’s satellite venture, SpaceX’s Starlink Network and other satellite firms have jointly won a $278.5 million (approximately Rs.2120 crore) contract to demonstrate communication in space. Significantly, NASA is moving forward to replace its existing satellite network with privately built systems.

Reuters has reported in its report that Amazon has won $ 67 million (about Rs 510.9219 crore). The company is working on bringing broadband internet to remote areas under its Kuiper project. For this, more than 3,000 satellites have been prepared. At the same time, Starlink of SpaceX has secured $ 70 million (about Rs 533.85 crore). Starlink has more than 2 thousand satellites in space and it is also working on providing broadband internet to remote areas through them.

Significantly, NASA is relying on private space companies for its operations. She wants to commercialize this area by sending the common man into space.

“Our goal is to bring the industry closer together and develop these capabilities for customers,” said Eli Naffa, head of NASA’s Communication Services project. This will also reduce our cost. Under the contract, each company is expected to complete the development and demonstration of its satellite by the year 2025.

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Under the current system, NASA uses the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Network to communicate with the spacecraft in orbit. It is believed that this way of communication will change in the coming time. However, apart from Amazon and SpaceX, the players who have won the contract are Inmarsat, SES, Telesat and Viasat. Experts say that there is a lot of competition between SpaceX, Amazon and Telesat to provide broadband internet from space. This is an expensive commercial endeavor, which once fully operational can generate billions of dollars in revenue.


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