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Soviet is the best: Kurt Cobain and Vysotsky sang into the same microphone

The Tula plant Oktava is already a different commercial level, this company is well known to most musicians. The lineup continues to grow today, and it is, in general, a global brand. Because of this, they are much more affordable, and if you decide to make music, then you have the opportunity to find mic for any budget. This is our great advantage, because in the west, Octave is also quoted in the major league, despite the fact that this microphone is not completely cheap there, since it is imported.

The fate of the Octaves in America and Europe is similar – at first a rare exotic, singly falling on the other side of the “Iron Curtain”, and after the collapse of the USSR, the market was flooded with penny Russian microphones.

The Tula plant Oktava initially specialized in acoustic equipment, and this already went beyond Mosfilm, Lenfilm, Central Television or the Mariinsky Theater, which used LOMO. They were equipped with octaves in warning systems, reporters interviewed them on the street, and their products were on transmitting devices, even reaching astronautics.

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