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‘Sorry, who are you?’, This message on Whatsapp is a headache, know the details


  • A message circulating on WhatsApp
  • It is beneficial not to reply to this message
  • This message may have come from a hacker

New Delhi: ‘Sorry, who are you?’ (Sorry, who are you?) A message like this is coming on WhatsApp and it is becoming a headache for many. If you open the link of this message after receiving this message, your bank account may be down. Instant messaging app WhatsApp has long been a target of hackers. Hackers have come up with a new way to lure users into their web. According to the report, anonymous people on WhatsApp said, “Sorry, who are you’’A similar message is being sent. Find out in detail what this scam is.

What is ‘Sorry, who are you’ scam?

They (hackers) buy a VoIP number, said WABetaInfo, a website that provides the latest updates related to WhatsApp. (Which is not allowed to be used on WhatsApp) also targets different people. They send messages to any special person or unknown person. In which is asked. Sorry, who are you? I found you in my address book (sorry, who are you ?, your number was in my phone list)

This time they ask you for some details while talking to you. E.g. Your name, what is your job? How old are you They also praise you for making you feel good. The hackers then collect some of your other information through Facebook and Instagram profiles. It helps them to steal money. Although this method is very old, many people fall into this trap.

This is the next step
In the next step, they try to blackmail you. They have some personal photos of you. (These can be photos or Photoshopped) which threaten to share with your family and friends. Once paid, they often demand money.

Do this to stay away from it
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
Ignore messages from strangers.
Do not share your personal information, such as name, personal account, with unknown people.
Also, set the privacy setting for your profile photo to “My Contacts”.

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