Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Sony Speaks Up about the deal between Microsoft and Activision

This week, the gaming industry was in for a big shock: Microsoft bought the scandal-ridden Activision Blizzard. For several days now, the Internet has been discussing the situation, and everyone has shared their opinion about the current situation – except for Sony. And so, the Japanese giant finally broke the protracted silence.

The Wall Street Journal published an official statement from the eastern corporation. As expected, there were no congratulations: Sony only expressed the hope that Microsoft would adhere to the old agreements and would not turn Activision Blizzard games into exclusives to its platform. This is most likely about Call of Duty – a series of shooters is in great demand on PlayStation consoles.

The historic event, we recall, happened  three days ago , and the deal between Bobby Kotick and Phil Spencer cost the latter $68 billion. It is too early to rejoice: it will be fixed only in the 2023 financial year.

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