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Sony: PlayStation VR2 will get a “transparent” mode and a function to customize the play area

Sony on its official blog revealed new details about its PlayStation VR2 virtual reality helmet, which is now being prepared for release. It is assumed that the new will appear in the first half of 2023, but there is no exact release date yet. In the meantime, the company spoke about a number of features that will be implemented in the PlayStation VR2. For example, the so-called “transparent” mode: with its help, the user will be able to see the space around him without removing the helmet. The device will receive built-in cameras, and its owner will be able to switch from the game interface to the view from the cameras at the touch of a button. This will allow, for example, to quickly find the PS VR2 Sense controller in the room. In the “transparent” mode, there is no possibility of recording an image, only viewing, and the picture will be black and white.

Also, the novelty will have a broadcast function, thanks to which the user will be able to film himself during the game by connecting an HD camera to the game console. Another useful feature of the PlayStation VR2 is the play area setting. Using the built-in cameras, the device will scan the room and “remember” the location of surrounding objects, such as furniture in the room. If during the game the user approaches the border of the playing area, he will receive a warning about this. Such an opportunity will allow him not to collide with an obstacle, carried away by the game, and avoid injuries. Play zone settings are retained until the player moves to another zone.

Sony: PlayStation VR2 will get a

PlayStation VR2 will have two content display modes: VR and cinematic. In VR mode, players will experience 360-degree content in HDR (4000 x 2040 pixels, 2000 x 2040 pixels for each eye) at 90Hz and 120Hz frame rates. In cinematic mode, players will be able to view the PS5 user interface, as well as all non-VR media content, on a virtual screen. Content in this mode will be displayed at 1920×1080 pixels at a frame rate of 24, 60, and 120 Hz. Sony promises to share more information about the PlayStation VR2 soon, including a release date.

Sony: PlayStation VR2 will get a
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