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Sony patents a system that improves ray tracing performance

A few years ago, the entire gaming industry was talking about ray tracing as a major innovation that could change gaming itself. Today, she is remembered less often, but in essence. Sony, for example, is still thinking about optimizing the technology for the PlayStation 5 console.


Observant Internet users discovered a curious patent on the website of the European Patent Office . According to him, Sony Interactive Entertainment is developing a kind of “Accelerated ray tracing system and method with asynchronous ray processing and transformation.” It uses shader processors to shorten the rays – this improves performance when ray tracing is enabled.

It is not known how much the technology will be able to affect the operation of the console and whether it will ever be used at all. However, this is the idea of ​​Mark Cerny, Sony’s most famous technical specialist, so she still has a chance to go beyond the documentation.

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