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Somewhere the smartphone should not explode like a bomb! You also do this mistake, then know today


  • There should not be a mistake during smart phone charging
  • Can prove to be dangerous for users
  • Some people use the phone while charging

New Delhi. Many times it has been seen that people also start using it during smartphone charging and it does not happen for a few minutes, but people do this for many many hours, then it can prove to be very dangerous because most of you people do so. If you also want to know what is the problem with doing this, then today we are going to tell you in this news.

When you use a smartphone, the processor has to work harder due to which it gets hot. Along with this, even when you charge your smartphone, it gets a little hot, in fact the battery of the smartphone gets a little hot during charging.

When you use it as well as charging the smart phone, many times the battery keeps getting hot along with the processor getting hot and if this continues continuously then it can cause the smartphone to overheat which proves to be very dangerous. Will happen.

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There is a fear of exploding the battery

If you are charging the smart phone and using it during this time, especially playing games on it or watching videos on it, then due to excessive heat, its battery can explode and it can explode with a bomb. In such a situation, users should keep in mind that once the smartphone is fully charged, then first take it out from the charger and then use it somewhere else. Most people know about this but do not do it, Poonam, if you also make this mistake during smart phone charging, then do not do it and once the smartphone is fully charged, then use it as you wish.


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