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Solar Storm Alert! CME came out of the Sun, a big solar storm may hit the Earth today

Events in the Sun are putting the Earth in ‘difficulty’. Sun is going through its 11 year cycle. Because of this it is in a very active phase. Due to the SunSpot made in the Sun, it is releasing Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). A solar storm emanating from one such CME can hit our earth today i.e. on 22 November. Let us know how big this solar storm is and what effect it can have on the earth.

a from Report According to, a G1-class solar storm is likely today, November 22. Solar storms of G1 class are not very powerful. Although sometimes it can affect the earth. This can cause interference with radio waves, which can cause temporary radio blackouts. G1 class storms can also affect GPS systems and wireless communication systems. Due to this, the flight time of the planes can be delayed and ship transportation can be affected.

Compared to this, the powerful solar storms that occur can damage satellites. Can disrupt mobile network and internet connectivity. Can fail power grids. These storms do not cause any harm to humans directly. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) monitors the Sun and detects if there is a possibility of a solar storm. In this work the help of satellites is taken.

coronal mass ejection To understand in simple language, CMEs are large clouds of solar plasma. After the solar explosion, these clouds are spread in space by the Sun’s magnetic field. Due to their rotation in space, they expand and often they reach a distance of several million miles. Sometimes it collides with the magnetic field of the planets. When their direction is towards the earth, they can affect the earth. The potential CME is not expected to have much impact today.


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