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Solar Room Heater: Heat the whole house without spending a penny on electricity, people are pressing to buy


New Delhi. Solar Room Heater: Cold has knocked in entire North India including Delhi. In such a situation, the demand for room heaters has increased. However, with the room heater, you can get a big shock in the electricity bill. Because not buying a room heater, it is difficult to run it. If you are also facing the problem of heavy electricity bill due to running of geyser and room heater in cold, then today we are going to tell you about such a room heater, which without electricity can save your entire life. Will heat the house.

Specifications of Grelife 1500W PTC heater

Grelife 1500W PTC is a solar heater. It is clear that this heater runs without electricity. It only needs sunlight to charge. With the help of this heater, the room can be heated within a few minutes. This room heater can be used by pressing it for several hours. Still the electricity bill will not come. Grelife 1500W PTC Solar Heater has three modes. It includes three modes – 1500w, 1000w and Eco mode. Users can use these modes according to their own. If it’s too cold, you can use the 1500W mode. While the eco mode can be turned on when it is normal cold. Solar heater runs longer in eco mode. Grelife 1500W PTC Solar Heater does not make any noise while running. This indoor heater is portable, so the Grelife 1500W PTC heater can be easily carried anywhere.

Price and Availability
The Grelife 1500W PTC Solar Heater is available for sale on for sale. Also can be purchased from many online and offline sites. The cost of this solar heater is Rs.6548.

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