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Solar panels of a new type collect energy even at night

Stanford University engineers have developed a photovoltaic cell capable of generating power around the clock. To do this, it turned out to be enough to modify a standard solar panel, endowing it with the ability to collect heat flowing from the Earth back into space.

The solar panel

During the day, the device works like a normal solar cell, and in the “night mode” it uses a thermoelectric module to generate current due to the temperature difference between the working surface and the surrounding air. This made it possible to obtain 50 mW of power per square meter – thus, a panel of 20 m2 is able to power a small LED lamp even in the dark.

The developers noted that the installation turned out to be inexpensive and can be assembled from ready-made electronic components. At the same time, the simplicity of the design allows it to be integrated into almost any modern solar panels. Now engineers are focused on optimizing the energy efficiency of the device.

The inventors are also exploring the possibility of improving the solar cells themselves. Their plan is to increase the efficiency of radiative cooling of panels at night without compromising the ability to collect solar energy.

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