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Solar Nano Car | This West Bengal businessman converted Tata Nano into a solar car, fuel to run and no tension of charging, know what else is special. DigitNews (New India)

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Mumbai: The demand for electric vehicles has increased due to rising fuel prices. Understanding the needs of the customers, more than one such car is being launched in India. Looking to the future, a car enthusiast in West Bengal has modified a solar powered car. Industrialist Manojit Mandal has converted an old Nano car into a solar powered car. That’s why this car is being discussed a lot on social media.

got no support from the government

A Solar Nano car costs just Rs 30 to run 100 kms. Tata Nano car is an electric car. This car has a lithium ion battery. This battery is charged through solar panels. This car does not have an engine so it does not make any noise while driving. This train runs at a speed of 80 kmph. According to industrialist Manojit Mandal, no cooperation was received from the government for this experiment. But from childhood there was a dream to make such a car. In view of the rising fuel prices, Tata Nano decided to modify the car. Manojit Mandal said that you drive 30 kms for Rs 100. But this car has the opposite. You will drive this car for 100 km in 30 rupees. There is no pollution. Not harmful to the environment. It doesn’t have an engine. But there is a Gear System. A car runs at a speed of 80 per hour in fourth gear. This car has gear but no clutch. Everything else is.

no petrol needed

The special thing is that no petrol is needed for this. There is a solar panel on its roof. It charges the battery and has power store. Five people can sit comfortably in it. Tata Motors launched a compact hatchback car in the year 2008. Due to the decline in the sales of the car, the company had stopped the production of this car in 2018. Nano was the cheapest car in India. The starting price of this car was Rs 1 lakh. This car was the dream project of Ratan Tata. This car has been designed as per BS3 standard. But the production of this car was stopped due to safety features and some other reasons.


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