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Solar Generator: This small solar power generator can run everything from TV to laptop for hours

Solar Power: In many places in India, energy is being generated and used with the help of solar power, if you want, you can also do this at home. Actually such a powerful generator has come in the market which will do this work for you.  

Portable solar generator at very affordable price: If you do not want to spend the electricity of the house to run or charge the daily use devices used in the house, then today we have brought such a generator for you which can reduce the sun’s rays. Takes power from and generates electricity. Let us know that this solar power generator is available on Amazon. The special thing is that it is much smaller in size than the common generator and you can easily carry it anywhere by holding it with your hand. It is very economical and fits easily in your budget. 

which is this generator 

The name of the generator we are talking about is SARRVAD Portable Solar Power Generator S-150. It is the size of a small battery and you can easily keep it anywhere. It can be used to run small devices like TVs and laptops. This is a very light and powerful device. 

what is the specialty

Its capacity is 42000mAh 155Wh. With this you can charge the iPhone 8 about 8 times. It weighs 1.89 kg and is very compact. You can charge it under sunlight with solar panel (14V-22V/3A max). If you talk about its price, then you can easily buy this solar power generator at an affordable price of Rs 19,000.

It is so small that you can carry it anywhere in your bag and can charge or operate any small devices including your laptop, radio, power bank, smartphone. This can be very useful in case of emergency and it does not burden your pocket either.

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