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Solar Energy News: Delhi government will buy electricity from you, save and earn by installing solar panels

New Delhi:  Best Business ideas in Renewable Energy Sector: The Delhi government has announced that it will get 80 percent of the total electricity demand in Delhi through renewable energy. Solar energy is the biggest source of renewable energy in Delhi and its surrounding the same. Since Delhi is not capable of generating electricity from flowing water, nor does it have the source. Along with this, electricity generation from windmills is also not in Delhi’s capability. In such a situation, the Delhi government is eyeing only solar energy. Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said that the government wants to produce and distribute 6000 MW of electricity in Delhi through solar energy. A draft is also ready for this. In such a situation, if you are a citizen of Delhi, then by doing just one thing, you will not only get rid of the electricity bill, but you can also earn money from the Delhi government. 

earn money through delhi government

Yes, Solar Energy is the way to earn from Delhi Government throughout life. For which you will have to install solar panels on your roof. You can also use the electricity generated through this panel in your home, as well as sell the surplus electricity to the Delhi government. Not only this, the government is also helping you in getting solar panels installed through subsidy. The Delhi government has not only announced the price of electricity per unit, but has also announced subsidy ranging from 10 thousand to 1 lakh for installation of solar panels. By the way, now the question comes that how can you install these solar panels. So we have found a solution for this too.

You can move forward with the help of homegrown startup

Although solar energy is the fastest growing sector in India, but it is being dominated by foreign companies as well as domestic startup companies. One such company is Loom Solar Company of Faridabad, adjacent to Delhi. Which is an Indian startup and is growing very fast in the solar energy sector. You can get all the information related to solar energy by visiting the website of this company. Also, by joining the company as a distributor, you can help the houses around you to adopt solar energy. By doing this you can also earn through commission. If your network improves, you can earn more than one lakh rupees in a month.


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