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Solar Air Conditioner: Install this AC in your car, it will work faster in the scorching sun.

Car Solar AC: Everyone is troubled by this scorching sun, even those people who are traveling in AC vehicles. Here we are telling you about such an air conditioner gadget, which after installing it in the car, you would like to have bright sunshine every day and enjoy AC for free. Know what kind of machine this is and how it works.

As the temperature of summer is running high these days, its effect is visible on cars also. The heat is so severe that even the air conditioners in the cars are failing. Or in this scorching sun, the ACs of the cars are not able to cool properly, either they are taking time to cool, or the cooling is getting better but more fuel is being spent and the mileage is falling. But there is also a method with the help of which you can avoid all these problems and your car will also have excellent cooling.

Here we are talking about solar AC, which will not only save you from this scorching heat but will also not let the mileage of the car fall. The good thing is that this solar AC is very easy to install and it does not occupy much space. Let us know about it…

You can buy solar AC for car from online websites like Amazon-Flipkart. Besides, these can also be purchased from the car accessory market. To install these, you do not have to tamper with the wiring of the car. This solar AC just has to be hung on the windshield of the car and it will draw the sunlight from outside and provide cooling inside the car. And you will get relief from this scorching heat. Especially for those people whose vehicles run in cab service, this device is very useful for them.

How does Solar AC work in a car?

This mini solar air conditioner has a solar panel on one side and a fan on the other. It should be mounted on the window glass of the car in such a way that the part with the solar panel is on the outside and the part with the fan is inside the cabin. The solar panel produces electricity by drawing sunlight and the fans provide cooling power with this power. The more solar energy/sunlight this AC gets, the more cooling it will provide.

Eco friendly air conditioner

The special thing about this air conditioner gadget is that it is not causing any pollution, it is an eco-friendly machine. There is no need to tamper with the wiring of the car to install it, no plug has to be inserted, hence there will be no problem in driving. Apart from this, the fan of this mini AC can take 4500 revolutions in a minute.

This AC can be useful even if your car does not have AC vents at the rear. You can get it stuck in the glass of the rear doors of the car.

Where is solar AC available and what is the price?

These mini solar ACs are available on shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho. Their price on online platforms is around Rs 4 to 5 thousand. If you want, you can buy solar AC from any electronic shop or car accessories shop.


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