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Solar AC Tips- how to save electricity bill use AC without electricity , how to use solar AC in India save electricity

This AC will do tremendous cooling even without electricity, will not let the electricity bill increase!

Save Electricity using AC: In this summer season, if you can run AC even without electricity and the electricity bill does not increase then how good it would be! Let us know how this can happen..

Save Electricity using Solar AC in India: Summer season is not taking its name to go! In such a situation, AC is being used throughout the day and it directly affects the electricity bill of every month. We are going to tell you about such a trick by which you will be able to run AC throughout the day and it will not increase the electricity bill. Let us tell you that in what we are talking about, AC can run without electricity. Let us know what we are talking about.. 

AC will work without electricity

If you are thinking that which AC we are going to tell you about which will give tremendous cooling to the room even without electricity, then let’s read further. Let us tell you that a Solar AC is being talked about here, which can give tremendous cooling for eight hours without electricity, that is, there will be no electricity to use it and thus the electricity bill will not increase. 

Where to buy this AC

Now we will tell you from where you can buy this Solar AC. Although it has been made available in both online and offline modes, but the best choice for you will be online. You can buy this one from India Mart and in this you are also being given a full one year warranty, to take advantage of which you must have the original bill. 

The cost of this AC on India Mart is around Rs.52 thousand. Let us tell you that if you buy this AC, then you have to keep in mind that you should charge its cells on time so that the AC can give good cooling. 

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