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Solar AC: The hassle of not getting the line is over! get rid of electricity bill

As soon as the summer starts, the process of cutting off the lights starts. Also the problem of low voltage has to be faced. In such a situation, AC does not work in summer. In such a situation, solar AC can be a best option. However, more money has to be paid to buy solar AC than normal AC. But this is a one time investment. Solar AC has to be installed once. After this one gets rid of the coming and going of the light.get rid of electricity bill
The biggest advantage of solar lights is that the electricity bill comes to zero. Once you get solar AC installed, you can run AC without electricity bill for about 20 to 25 years.

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There are many types of ACs available
There are many types of solar ACs available in the market. These ACs come with 0.8 ton, 1 ton and 1.5 ton and 2 ton capacities. Also, Solar ACs come in window and split options. In such a situation, users can choose AC according to their room.

ACs usually run for 14-15 hours daily in the summer season. This consumes about 20 units. Whereas if we look at it for 30 days, then 600 units are spent for the whole month. In such a situation, the expenditure of one month becomes around Rs 4,500.

solar maintenance
There is no cost to run the solar AC. But there is a cost of maintenance, which is very nominal. Solar AC also becomes beneficial for the environment. The cost of battery replacement in the use of solar panels comes every 4 to 5 years.

solar ac price
The cost of 1 ton solar AC is around Rs 1 lakh. The same 1.5 ton solar AC costs Rs 2 lakh. However, a difference in price can be seen at different locations.


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