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Soil Card: By doing this business in the village, you can earn tremendous money, the government will help

Soil Health Card Yojana : Thousands of people had returned to their villages after the Corona period. The government provided free ration for them, sending money to the account every month, and even deposited money in the farmers’ account from time to time. In a way, the government took care of every poor door-to-door. Let us tell you that as the corona is going, the recession seems to be spreading in the country. Now gradually the employment opportunities are decreasing. People are looking for work for themselves. Let us tell you that if unemployed people want to earn good income by living in their village without doing agriculture, then the central government has come up with a scheme for them.

less investment more profit
Some amount will have to be invested in this and the government will also help you financially. If you want to start business in the field of agriculture in the village, then the Soil Health Card Scheme will prove to be better for you.

Mini Soil Testing Lab
Under the Soil Health Card scheme, the government helps you to set up a mini Soil Testing Lab at the Panchayat level. In this lab the soil of nearby fields is tested. At present, such labs are very few in rural areas of the country. If you can earn good money from this business in your village itself. There are many employment opportunities in this field as well.

Who can avail
Under the Soil Health Card scheme, individuals between the age group of 18 to 40 years can set up a mini soil testing lab in their panchayat. Only those people who have passed 10th with agri clinic, agricultural entrepreneur training will be able to take advantage of this scheme. Only those people can apply for this scheme, who can belong to the farmer family.

have to apply like this
To make a mini soil testing lab, you have to contact the Deputy Director (Agriculture) or Joint Director Agriculture of your district in their office. Apart from this, website and can also be contacted for setting up testing labs. If you want more information, then farmers can also contact on call center (1800-180-1551).

direct request form
If you contact the officials of the Agriculture Department of your district, then you will be provided a form to set up a Mini Testing Lab under the Soil Health Card Scheme. You will have to submit it to the Agriculture Department by filling the form and attaching all the requested documents.

this will cost
It costs about Rs 5 lakh to set up any mini soil testing lab in a panchayat. The government provides 75% of the amount to the lab installer under the Soil Health Card scheme. If you want to set up a lab in your panchayat, then Rs 3.75 lakh will be given to you by the government. You will have to spend Rs 1.25 lakh. To open a soil testing lab at the village level, the applicant must have his own or rented pucca space. Rural youth can also set up a lab in the form of Mobile Soil Testing Van if they want.

will earn like this
The soil of the farmers’ field will have to be sampled and tested. Based on this, you get 300 per sample for printing and distributing soil health cards. In this way you can easily earn 15-25 thousand rupees in a month.

this would be beneficial
Soil Testing Lab will keep farmers informed about what nutrients are present in the soil of their fields. Along with this, the shortage of fertilizers and the amount of urea they should use in their fields can also be known.

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