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Social Media Apps: If you are also using these 5 apps till late at night, be alert, these problems may occur.


  • 5 social media apps put users to sleep
  • YouTube ranks first, with 85.5% of people using it.
  • Increased fatigue and headaches throughout the day in users

Navi Delhi : Social media apps are widely used in India. Millions of users use social media. You must be one of them. According to a survey report by Sleep Junkie, 5 apps are causing users to face problems like not falling asleep on time. These apps affect the sleep of 78% of users.

At the top is the Chinese app Tik-Tak. It is doing the most harm to the users. This is followed by Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Also included are Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit and Tumblr. Users are facing problems like insomnia due to mobile scrolling on the bed all night.

Here are the problems:

Excessive use of social media throughout the night leads to late morning sleep. Feels tired and has headaches throughout the day. Not only that, using social media at night is also affecting work.

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The most commonly used apps are:

The first number comes from YouTube. 85.8% people use it. At the same time, 75.7% are active on Facebook, 70.6% on Instagram and 506% on Twitter.

More than 63 crore Internet users in the country:

There are a total of 6324 million internet users in the country. Of these, 448 million users use social media. In 2021, social media has grown by 31% in India. So, 8% of internet users have also increased.

Most active users on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media app with 600 million active users. According to reports, this problem has increased after smartphones and social media. According to reports, users are active in smartphones for an average of 5 hours and 24 minutes a day.


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