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Soap can come out instead of iPhone 14 Pro! Make this setting in Flipkart

New Delhi. The sale started on Flipkart in the past. Bumper discounts were being available on many items in the sale. But in the meantime a new news had come out. One person claimed that he had ordered the iPhone 12 from Flipkart, but when he opened the box of the phone, soap came out inside. Tech blogger Simranpal Singh also mentioned this incident in his blog. Along with this, he also posted the video on his Youtube Channel.

For such customers, Flipkart has started a new option. After activating this option, if you order any goods, first Delivery Boy will show you the goods by opening them. When you see that item, then OTP will come on your phone, only after telling that your delivery will be completed. It is also called Flipkart Open Box Delivery.

Whenever you order any valuables, you should turn it on. iPhone 14 Pro Max is a very expensive smartphone. The price of iPhone 14 Pro Max (512GB) is Rs 1,69,900 and if you order such an expensive smartphone from Flipkart then you should definitely opt for Open Box Delivery. Simranjit Singh has also given similar advice in his blog that if you order any valuables, then you should choose the option of ‘Open Box Delivery’.

Let us tell you in advance that if you order under the ‘Open Box Delivery’ option and the Delivery Boy opens the box in front of you, then you will have to buy that item. Because once opened you cannot return the goods. So whenever you place an order under this option, you should think about taking it in advance.

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