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So this is what you are, an AAAA game. Phil Spencer lasted two minutes in Skull and Bones

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer is known for his love of games, spending hundreds of hours playing some despite his busy schedule. But the pirate action game Skull and Bones didn’t seem to hold him back.


A mention of Skull and Bones was found in Phil Spencer’s statistics. The head of Xbox spent only 2 minutes in the game and did not launch it again. The comments immediately began to joke that the new product from Ubisoft was so bad that Spencer became bored already on the menu. Some are sure that the head of Xbox preferred the “home” pirate game – Sea of ​​Thieves.

Let us remind you that Skull and Bones was released on February 13 after many years of development and repeated restarts. Ubisoft stated that this was a AAA game, which justified the $70 price tag, but very soon the action game began to be sold for almost a third cheaper . Skull and Bones itself was criticized by both the media and gamers.


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