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Snake Farming: Snake farming is not just a phrase, it is a business of crores, the people of this village print 100 crores in a year.

Snake Video: Many idioms on snake are prevalent in India. In these idioms, ‘carrying a snake in one’s sleeve’ is also an idiom. The meaning of this idiom is ‘enemy in the form of a friend’. Although snakes are not kept only in idiom, but in the real world also people keep snakes. At the same time, income of crores of rupees can also be earned by keeping snake. There are many countries where people are earning millions by keeping snakes. Today we are going to tell you about one such business.

crores business

Actually, the way poultry, fish farming is done, in the same way snakes are also reared for the purpose of business. This is called Snake Farming. Snakes are reared to extract their venom and their venom is sold for lakhs and crores of rupees. Although keeping snakes is illegal in many countries, but in China it is a business worth crores of rupees.

demand for snake venom

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People in China keep snakes and earn crores of rupees from its poison. The demand for snake venom is worldwide because snake venom is also used to make different medicines. However, the higher the risk in this business, the higher the profit. According to different species, the cost of one liter of poison can be in crores globally.

profit is high

Snake farming business is very lucrative as the demand for snake venom is increasing in the global venom market. On the contrary, the number of people involved in snake keeping business is very less, hence there is a shortage in the supply as well. Snake farming business involves rearing of various snake species for commercial purposes. If a person can take the risk of doing this business, then it is a very profitable business for him.

Earning crores every year

Zisiqiao, a small village in China, is known for snake farming. Although this village earns crores of rupees every year only from snake farming. This village earns about $ 12 million (about Rs 100 crore) every year only from snake farming business.


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