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Smartphones will look like this in the future, video has surfaced, people are surprised to see the design

New Delhi: Transparent Smart Phone Design: There are many types of smartphones from different companies available in the Indian market. These smartphones are available at low prices as well as premium smartphones. Many phones come with unique designs. The recently launched Nothing Phone (1) comes with a unique design. The design of its back i.e. rear panel is very different. That means there may be phones of this type in the future. A transparent phone is seen in the video. People are shocked to see this.

That means you can see through the phone. Its operating system seems to be compatible with MIUI. You can watch videos even after charging. The design of this concept phone was first seen in a TikTok video. Whether this phone will come in future or not. Nothing can be said about this now. This is just a concept of a transparent phone. Various comments are coming from users under this tweet. One user wrote that the battery is not visible. Is it also transparent?

As seen in the video, its wireless charger is also transparent. That is, everything from phone to wireless charging is transparent. It looks quite special. However, the concept of a transparent phone may become a reality in the near future. However, the design of this phone can’t say anything about when it will be launched. Many people are believing this concept to be true after watching this video. But, the phone seen in the video is just a concept phone.

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