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Smartphones will go out of style sooner or later. And that’s what will replace them

Already now, writes “Hi-tech”, gadgets are beginning to appear that may well compete with a smartphone. In total, the author names three such solutions.

  1. Electronic Tattoo… The idea belongs to Motorola. She patented the invention in the United States. The device was supposed to be equipped with a microphone and attached to a person’s neck. It was assumed that all this would work both as a dictaphone and as a gadget that transmits information. That is, everything recorded could be transferred to a smartphone. In addition, the tattoo was supposed to have a display and a sensor that measures the activity of the autonomic nervous system.

A similar development was proposed by the startup Chaotic Moon. His idea was to create a temporary Tech Tat tattoo. The device will allow making payments, will work as a fitness tracker and, in general, will replace many gadgets.

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