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Smartphones can be bad while playing Holi, follow these important tips for safety

New Delhi: Holi, the festival of Dhulivandana, is just a few days away. If you also like to play Dhulvad i.e. Rangpanchami, there are some things to take care of on this occasion. It is also important to take care of smartphones and other gadgets. Often, while celebrating Dhulwad with friends, the water in the smartphone gets damaged due to leakage. We all celebrate Rangpanchami. However, the handset is more likely to be damaged if the smartphone is not taken care of. Holi (Holi 2022), On the occasion of Rangpanchami, we are going to tell you some important tips by which you can take care of your phones. Let’s learn more about this.

Do this to protect the phone from paint, water

You Earphones You can use glycerin or moisturizer to prevent it from getting damaged or color stains. This will make the colors go away easily after Holi. Dhulwadi also needs to keep smart gadgets like smartphones, smart bands or smart watches safe. Either avoid using these gadgets when washing or you can keep these gadgets in an airtight ziplock or waterproof pouch. This will save water on the mobile or smartwatch and will keep the device safe.

Avoid charging if water runs out

Dhulivandana needs to take care of electronic gadgets. Cover any port of the phone or any other gadget with open duct tape such as speaker grill, charging port etc. Also attach duct tape to the phone’s speaker. Also, don’t forget to turn on the phone silently. If your smartphone or other gadget has run out of water, make no mistake about charging it right away. Doing so could damage the phone completely. Also, there is a risk of electric shock. Therefore, Dhulivandana needs to take special care of the phone to avoid major damage.

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