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Smartphones and smartwatches that can be bought cheaply, these big changes are happening from 1st April

New Delhi : Everyone wants to have a good smartphone. But, there is often a price problem with buying a smartphone. But, now everyone can buy a smartphone. The good news for all is that budget users will now be able to buy better smartphones at lower prices. The budget for 2022 was announced on February 1. In this budget, the finance minister made several big announcements about customs duty. After that, although many gadget items will become more expensive, many things will also become cheaper. Today we are going to give you detailed information about which gadgets are getting cheaper after 1st April 2022 and which items will cost you more than before. Let’s take a look at this list.

Smartphones can be cheaper: The government has reduced the custom duty on transformer parts of mobile phone chargers, camera lenses of mobile camera modules and other accessories from 5 to 12.5%. This will reduce the production cost of making smartphones and brands are likely to pass on this benefit to consumers. This means that from April 1, 2022, you can buy smartphones cheaply. Smartwatches and fitness bands are likely to be cheaper: If you have a special interest in smartwatches and fitness bands, you can buy them at low cost. Some parts of the smartwatch will be exempted from customs duty till March 2023. This will reduce the cost of manufacturers and can lead to lower prices of smartwatches. So if you are thinking of getting a smartwatch, wait a minute.

Wireless earbuds are likely to become more expensive: If you have a special interest in wireless earbuds, your costs are likely to increase. Import duties on parts used in the manufacture of earbuds have been increased, which may lead to an increase in product production. Users will have to pay more for wireless earbuds, neckband headphones and other similar gadgets. Premium headphones can be expensive. Direct imports of headphones will now be charged 20% more, which means users will have to pay more to buy headphones. The new announcements will take effect from April 1.


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