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Smartphone will be the box! While applying Screen Guard to the phone, keep these things in mind

New Delhi. When you buy a new smartphone, take great care of it. For this, you put a screen guard in the smartphone, some people give it the name of screen protection. But do you know that the screen guard of your smartphone can become an enemy. Meaning that the screen guard protecting the phone screen from scratches and wear and tear can spoil your smartphone. Meaning your smartphone can be made into a box. Therefore, some special things must be taken care of while installing the screen guard in the smartphone. Otherwise, your expensive smartphone can become a box for a cheap screen guard. Let us know about this in detail…

will incur heavy losses
Do you know that screen guards have some side effects for you? It may block your screen. Incoming and outgoing calls can be blocked in the phone due to bad screen guard.

There are two sensors Ambient Light and Proximity at the bottom of the smartphone’s display. This sensor is the right side receiver of the phone screen. When you use a third party screen protector on the phone, the bad screen protector blocks the sensor. Due to this the screen becomes non reactive. In such a situation, you stop getting calls on the smartphone. Also, the in-display fingerprint scanner does not work properly with the use of third party screen guards.

Always keep these things in mind

  • Always use a branded screen protector. It would be better to use a screen protector of the same brand of the company that has the smartphone. The companies making these smartphones know where the sensor has been placed. In such a situation, smartphone maker companies make screen protectors accordingly.
  • Ambient light sensor is especially used in mobile phones. Which does all kinds of things like automatically increasing the light of the phone in sunlight and automatically intensifying the light in the dark.
  • Often you must have noticed that when you take the phone to the ear, the display light of the phone turns off automatically, it is possible that the Proximity sensor is there. When the phone is taken away from the ear, the light turns on again.

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