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Smartphone will be super safe just follow these easy tips from today itself


  • Smartphones will become completely secure
  • You just have to follow easy tips
  • There will be no danger of any kind

New Delhi. In the early days, when phones came, they were used only for communication. But in today’s time smartphones have become an important part of our life. Everything from business, shopping, communication, banking, study to entertainment is being done through smartphones. It would not be wrong at all to say that users are with the phone getting up every day and sleeping with the phone too. Now that the smartphone is being used so much and in such a situation, the possibility of online fraud with you is also high. Online hackers are always watching you. Here we are telling you some tips and tricks to protect your smartphone from any online attack.

Check your wireless network

Most people need a wireless network. Whether it is office Wi-Fi or at home or mobile hotspot. Any device on which data is carried over the airwaves can do you a lot of harm. First of all, if you are not using the wireless connection, then keep it turned off. This prevents cybercriminals from connecting to your device without your knowledge. On the other hand, wireless hotspots and unknown networks suffer the most when it comes to using its access.

Keep safe from calls

If someone makes a phishing call to you, your phone may be in danger. You will keep getting such calls and the solution is Burner and Firewall apps that protect your phone from hackers, unwanted salespeople and callers. Burner protects the personal information of users by generating fresh phone numbers which you can use for as long as you want. can. On the other hand, iOS users can use a firewall to send unknown calls directly to voicemail, so that they don’t even have to listen to the bell.

Beware of apps

While downloading the new app from the Play Store, you should pay attention to the permissions that you are asked to give upon installation. Similarly, while visiting a new website on your browser, you should see the permissions you are giving.

Keep software updated

Smartphone makers often send software updates for phones, so you should not ignore downloading them, as they contain security patches that keep your phone away from the threat of attack. Apart from this, security software makes your phone stronger, if it has GPS power, then it gives you more dangerous virus, spam and firewall protection.

Use of VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to securely connect to a private network on the Internet. It allows users to send and receive data over a public or shared network. By creating a temporary IP address for unauthorized users and hiding your real IP address from every website or email you connect to, a VPN makes your data secure and confidential.

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