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Smartphone Tricks: Your Mobile Internet Not Working Properly? Get super fast speed like this

How to Boost Smartphone Internet: In today’s time, not a single day passes without a smartphone and internet connection. In such a situation, if the net of the phone becomes slow or runs intermittently, then it makes everyone very irritable. If your smartphone’s internet also runs slowly or you do not get good speed in it, then let us tell you that we have some great tricks for you, by adopting which you can easily increase the speed of the phone’s internet and at super fast speed. data can be used. 

This is the easiest way to increase internet speed 

If the internet speed of your smartphone is slow then here we have the easiest trick for you to increase the speed. You can turn on your phone’s Airplane Mode to speed up your phone’s internet speed. After waiting for a few moments, when you turn off the mode, you will see a big difference in internet speed. 

Make these changes in the settings 

There is another way to increase internet speed. Your phone’s mobile data gives some network options that depend on your SIM. Many times it happens that there is a 4G network but the signal is not good in it. In this case, go to the phone’s settings, click on the option ‘Mobile data’ and then switch on the option ‘2G/3G/4G Auto’. In this way you will automatically get the network on which the internet is coming at the best speed. 

Next trick is related to SIM card 

There is another trick, by which mobile data speed can be boosted. It may also happen that due to the dust accumulated on the SIM card, the internet speed may decrease. In this case, take out the SIM card of the phone in case of slow speed, clean the SIM with a clean cloth and then insert the SIM back into the phone. 

With these simple tricks, you can increase your phone’s internet speed in a pinch. 

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