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Smartphone Tricks: If the phone is slow, free the internal memory, the phone will run super fast, see the tips

New Delhi:Internal Memory: The use of smartphones has increased to a great extent. Thus, many complain that the phone slows down before time. But, many people do not know much about the exact reason behind this. Users buy phones looking for 8 GB and 16 GB memory. But, within a few days the memory starts running out and the phone gives an error when trying to download or install something. With the help of a few tips, you can free up a lot of memory from your phone in minutes. Your phone has many old applications that you don’t use. So, uninstall those applications and if there is a preloaded app that you are not using and it is not uninstalling. So, go to settings and go to apps, select that app and close it.

Clear cache memory:

The cache memory is in the internal memory of the phone and it gradually grows to such an extent that it starts affecting the performance of your phone. In such a situation you can also increase the memory space by clearing the available cache memory in the phone. There will be an option for cache memory under storage in settings.

Delete photos and videos:

Phone memory also runs out quickly due to more photos. In this case, it is better if you delete your unnecessary photos from the phone. Similarly, the videos and photos coming to the phone through WhatsApp also take up a lot of memory. So delete that too if not needed.

Use cloud storage:

Cloud storage is the best medium. With this you can store all the data available in the phone on the cloud. Which you don’t always use. This will empty the phone’s memory. But, the phone will be faster than before.

Factory data reset and hard reset:

If the phone is running out of memory, you can free up a lot of memory by performing a factory data reset and hard reset. But remember, before hard reset and factory reset you need to backup the essentials available in the phone.

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